Katherine  L.  Brim - Attorney-at-Law
                   KATHERINE BRIM is a civil litigation and transactional attorney licensed to practice in Utah.  She is currently an Associate at Sheff Law Offices, P.C., where she is proud to be part of a team committed to protecting the rights and interests of the clients they represent.  Since joining Sheff Law Offices in 2011, Katherine has had the opportunity to
help individuals and families recover millions of dollars in compensation for damages and injuries caused by others; more importantly, she's been able to help clients obtain the assistance,  resolution, and closure they need to start rebuilding and moving forward from what, for many, has been the most difficult and stressful period of their lives.  Follow the link to learn more about Sheff Law Offices, P.C., or schedule a free consultation with the firm.
                   Katherine has an unusual background for a lawyer, founded in both the arts and business management.  Prior to attending law school she completed both Bachelor and Master of Music degrees, performed as a professional opera singer for seven years, worked in art and design in the motion picture industry, and was an executive manager for Target Corporation.   She's worked both sides of the curtain as both labor and lead performer, has worked both entry level and as an Executive in charge of hundreds of employees in a multi-million dollar business, and she's also been both lawyer and client.   As a result, Katherine brings a unique perspective, collaborative spirit, and creative approach to the practice of law.
                    To learn more about Katherine follow the links to the left or visit www.sheffinjurylaw.com.
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